WOC 2010 – Øystein Kristiansen’s tips

Øystein Kristiansen has two WOC-golds and a bronze medal behind him, and comes from Steinkjer (place in Trøndelag, 120 km north from Trøndheim). He has the needed experience in both World Championships, and the typical “Trønder-marshes”.

During the Camp Norway in December, Øystein Kristiansen leaded a seminar about next year’s WOC. The whole Norwegian national team, and some of the biggest international start were attending the presentation.

Oystein Kristiansen during his active career. Photo: Jan Kocbach / WorldOfO

Big challenges
“The terrain in Trøndelag (the geographical region around Trøndheim) is heavy. You need to be strong, your whole body needs to be strong there” – Kristiansen started. “The VO2max will be even more important there than in the past few World Championships” – he said. Accordin to him, 70 ml/kg/min for the women and 75 ml/kg/min for the men is the minimum needed capacity for being able to fight for a medal.

“The specific strength in the hips will be crucial – you should expect many heavy steps in marshes and berry-bushes.” – Øystein continued.

“There is one important thing there – the weather in the weeks before WOC.” – Kristiansen said. “The weather will be the factor which will decide the best routes” – he explained. According to him, if the weather is dry, the marshes will be fast and good to use, respectively if it rains, the marshes will be deep and heavy.

“What should be done? I recommend the traditional Norwegian training model for increasing the VO2max : Long trainings, 80% of the trainings are with low intensity, 2 to 3 intervall sessions per week, and increased strength training” – the Norwegian coach finished his speech.

"A lot of things can happen in nine months" was Kristiansen's last words. Photo: Ivo Danailov / O.is