Thierry Gueorgiou

Thierry Gueorgiou writes a book

A couple of years ago there were some rumours about a book on orienteering. And not just an ordinary orienteering book, but a biography of one of the most successful orienteers on the planet – Thierry Gueorgiou. Orienteering.is contacted the Frenchman and got the rumours confirmed. There is a book on the way.

“Yes, I am working on a book project brushing my whole career, with many analyses and training tips” – says Thierry. He got the idea already after WOC 2004, and he started working on it together with the famous O-journalist Jan Skricka.

But Gueorgiou admits the process wasn’t as fast as it should. “The main author is just too lazy” – concludes the Frenchman with a smile.

Simone Niggli’s life on paper
"Simone Niggli-Luder. Unterwegs mit der besten OL-Läuferin der Welt" is a book about Simone Niggli, with Beat Hugi as author and Rudolph Steiner behind the photo camera. It's in German, and can be purchased straight from Simone's website - www.SimoneNiggli.ch

Sharing the experience
The idea of writing a book and share the life-story and experience with the current and the next generations is not new. Some of the best orienteers in the past got the opportunity to write down their stories.

"The King of the Forest" Magne Lystad (Norway) wrote his "Long steps in the forest"-book already in 1961, the year before he became the first European Champion in orienteering. The book is describing Lystad’s training philosophy, and includes many interesting pictures.

<Digimax 370 / Kenox D370>
Ingrid and Åge Hadler smiling from the cover of their book. Archive photo.

The world champions Ingrid and Åge Hadler wrote "Across the paths - with the wedding ring, map and compass" in 1970. One popular Norwegian book in the 70's.

Another world champion - Liisa Veijalainen from Finland – wrote the bestseller "Rastilta rastille" in 1980. The book was successfully translated to other languages, and the edition in Russian became popular among the orienteering communities in the whole East Europe.

Do you have the book about Åge Hadler, or any other book, mentioned in the article? Send us a photo of the cover, and we will publish it!

If you know about other books, describing the life and careers of top-athletes, post a comment. It will be great if the whole world gets the tips of interesting books about orienteering.

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