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Petter Thoresen’s tips

During the Camp Norway, the Norwegian national team coach Petter Thoresen shared his ideas in a short seminar. The experienced legend from the past has many good tips and tricks. With Jarkko Huovila, Baptiste Rollier, Kajsa Nilsson and the whole Norwegian senior and junior team among the audience, Petter's presentation was an interesting finish of a hard training day.

Petter Thoresen has 5 WOC gold medals, one silver and three bronzes in the period 1989-1999. He is representing Halden Skiklubb in Norway, and since 2008 is the head coach of the Norwegian national team.

“Norway is the best country to be orienteer in” – Thoresen started. “Everyone is coming here to train – Swiss, French, Finnish, German orienteers”. Petter started his seminar by explaining his definitions on “Better O-Technique” : “There are two possibilities” – he said – “either to run faster with the same risk-levels, or run at the same pace, but with lower risk-levels”. He defined also the goal of the O-technique – finding the flow. “The flow is the ability to answer those two questions – “Where am I?” And “Where am I going?” all the time.”

Thoresen explaining, with the broom...

The right direction
“Is there anyone nowadays, who doesn’t use thumb compass?” – Thoresen asked the audience. There were three people in the hall, among them, sitting on the last row, the Finnish star Jarkko Huovila.

“The needle on the compass is unique. It is dancing on its own : to the left, to the right – you need to find out how” – Petter shared his impressions with the young audience.

The sight
Another one of “Petter’s lessons” to the incoming generations was the sight while running orienteering. “Look forward, that’s the only way to gain information about the terrain!” – he said. “And not only straight forward, look also on the sides” – Thoresen continued. His explanation expressed the importance of keeping your eyes open : you can see the route between the bushes, and you can see the control flag earlier.

Thoresen’s tips were accepted warmly by the audience, and even on the training next day we saw some people trying his ideas, folding their maps in Petter Thoresen-style, and trying to become better orienteers.

Petter Thoresen - the legendary Norwegian.