Norwegian and Swedish Championships - middle distance

Today is the big day for both the Norwegian and the Swedish middle distance lovers. In both the countries, the middle distance national championships were held today.

OK Hällen from Stigtomta in Sweden was today's golden club. The Swedish champs are organised in Oscarhamn, and Hällen's runners took the gold medals in both men's and women's class.

Peter Öberg was the fastest man today, winning with 4 seconds ahead of David Andersson from Malung. Those two outclassed all the others, as the difference to the third place is more than two minutes.

Linnea Gustafsson won, 38 seconds ahead of the legendary Karolina A Höjsgaard. The Danish Signe Søes, who represents IFK Lidingö in Sweden, finished third, just a second from the silver.

Swedish Champs, website


But let's move west to Norway, where the Norwegian championship goes in Holtålen.

Anders Skarholt put his application for a place in the WOC-team with his victory today. He ran fastest through the course, leaving all the national team members behind him. 34 seconds behind Skarholt finished Emil Wingsted, and another 30 seconds behind - Olav Lundanes.

Marianne Andersen won her second gold this week, and confirmed her good performances this year once again. Ingunn Weltzien finished second, and the bronze went to Hanne Sandstad, who surprisingly beat many of the big favourites today.

Norwegian Champs, website