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Kristiansand's answer: We are best in the world

Halden Skiklubb's coach Kennet Buch said yesterday that the club is best in Norway. Kristiansand's answer came shortly after.

Morten Hulløen, leader for Kristiansand OK's Elite group, commented Buch's statements:

"Kristiansand's runner of the year, Daniel Hubmann, won World Cup, two gold medals, silver and bronze in WOC, and two gold medals in the Nordics. In addition our men won the two most prestigious relays in the world - Tiomila and Jukola." - Hulløen says.

"Halden is the best club in Norway : they performed impressing during the Norwegian championships, their women were unbeatable too. But I think we are able to say that Kristiansand OK was the best club in the world among the men." - the Kristiansand leader states.

During the past years, Kristiansand and Halden has been the two strongest clubs in Norway, and among the best in the world. The rivality between the clubs is mostly shown during the big relays : the clubs are cooperating for getting higher level among their runners. During the last seasons, the clubs even organised training camps together, to get a good match and quality in the trainings. Kristiansand's team is travelling to Halden next week for yet another training camp.


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