Kristiansand OK wins Jukola

Jukola/Venla 2009, Mikkeli - Finland

Daniel Hubmann and Kristiansand OK won the Jukola-relay in a stunning thriller!

1449 teams entered this year’s Jukola. More than 10.000 men were ready to run in the forest near Mikkeli (Finland).

The biggest orienteering relay in the world has been organized in Finland since 1949. It got its name by the Aleksis Kiwi’s book about seven brothers. The best orienteers in the world are representing their clubs there, and that’s a guarantee for an unforgettable night!

The start
OK Orient’s runner Mikael Fabritius was the first one to cross the finish line after the first leg. A big group of runners came together, with the first 34 teams in 2 minutes.

Most of the favourites were among the best – with Kristiansand OK as nr.4, Kalevan Rasti on the 5th place, Halden on the 15th.

Mattias Kalrsson (Halden) and Tobias Noborn (IFK Göteborg) managed to get away the pack, and changed over in the lead after the second leg. They were more than three minutes ahead of the third team – Leksands OK.

Nordberg breaks away
Anders Nordberg (Halden SK) got a minute ahead of IFK Göteborg already on the first radio control. He managed to run clear through the course, giving the best time today. His lead at the change-over was almost 6 minutes! Incredible strong run by Nordberg, who gave Halden the lead they needed.

Anders Nordberg (Halden SK) straight after the finish. Picture : Jukola 2009 TV Coverage

“It was nice, I was running alone from the beginning” – said Nordberg to the event’s speakers. He explained that doing his own race, and being extra concentrated in the green areas was the key to success.

“The course was too easy for me” – joked Anders, and explained that his team needs to be at it’s best to the end if they want to win.

Fight for each second
Halden kept the lead after the 4th and 5th leg, but some teams got closer. A chasing group – Kristiansand OK, IFK Göteborg and Kalevan Rasti, were as close as four minutes .

Olav Lundanes started for HSK on the second last leg. He increased the lead up to 5 minutes in the middle of the course, and sent Emil Wingstedt as the first man in the forest – 3.24 ahead.

Holger Hott (KOK) and Fabian Hertner (KR) came together to the finish, and sent the chasing group out. Another two world champions : Daniel Hubmann (KOK) and Thierry Gueorgiou (KR), got the task of chasing Wingstedt.

Battle of the giants
After some mistakes by Emil Wingsted, KOK and KR managed to close the gap between them. So we had Kristiansand OK, Halden SK and Kalevan Rasti together at the middle of the course! The three absolute best relay-runners in the world, running side by side, and fighting for the victory! It can’t be more exciting than this!

WIth a strong route-choise attack, Hubmann got the 10 seconds ahead of Gueorgiou. Those 10 seconds were enough!

"I didn't made any big mistakes, only lost contact with Thierry once" - said Hubmann to the speaker. He explained that he planned the last part of the course during the race, and felt confident.

Kristiansand OK took their first Jukola-victory ever. WIth their Tiomila-victory, they made a Double this season, and deserved the place as the best team in the world!

The winner's team: Jon Duncan, Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen, Baptiste Rollier, Jostein Andersen, Damien Renard, Holger Hott, Daniel Hubmann

Kristiansand OK - Jukola 2009 winners! Picture: Jukola2009Kuvat.net


Jukola relay. Mikkeli (FIN)
13-14.june 2009
Unofficial results:

1   Kristiansand OK NOR 8:02:43      
2   Kalevan Rasti FIN +23      
3   Halden SK NOR +3:04      
4   IFK Göteborg SWE +4:00      
5   Vehkalahden Veikot FIN +10:30    


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