Johan Runesson misses JWOC

JWOC 2009 - Italy

Last year’s JWOC-king Johan Runesson is not going to run in Italy due to chickenpox. The doble Nordic champion Jerkel Lysell is also sick, but will take part in the JWOC.

The Junior World Orienteering Championship last year was held in Göteborg, Sweden. The biggest star of the championship was definitely Johan Runesson.

Johan Runesson. Photo : Jan Kocbach /

Can’t defend his titles
Runesson won three gold medals : on the relay, long and middle distance. The only one who managed to beat him in Göteborg was Stepan Kodeda from the Czech Republic, who won the sprint race.

Runesson was one of the biggest favourites for this year’s JWOC, starting in just a week in Italy. Accordin to press release from the Swedish Federation, Johan got chickenpox and can’t travel with the team.

Lysell also sick
The double Nordic champion Jerkel Lysell is also sick – he got a cold and was not bording the plane with the rest of the Swedish team yesterday. According to the plan, he will join the team on Wednesday.

The Swedish team made a clean sweep during the Nordic Champioships in Finland a month, and is expected to be among the best in Italy. Last year’s world champion Jenny Lönnkvist, and the two silver medals owner Beata Falk are also in the team.

The JWOC 2009 will take place in Primiero, Italy. The championship starts next Monday.


Source : Press Release - Swedish Orienteering Federation

Chickenpox - more about Runesson's illness by Wikipedia


JWOC 2009 program:
6.july : Sprint
7.july : Long distance
8.july : Rest day
9.july : Middle distance qualification
10.july : Middle distanse final
11.july : Relay

Official website: www.jwoc2009.it