Daniel Hubmann

Hubmann tells his story

Daniel Hubmann used the weekend to take the trip up to Norway, where his club, Kristiansand OK, had their annual club party. In addition to some quality trainings with his teammates, Daniel had a presentation in front of club members and others. Check the highlights.
Daniel started his presentation with some interesting pictures - the place where he lived most of his life, the map he has just around the corner, and some old pictures of him and other Swiss stars : the people liked to see Hubmann, Merz and Rollier during competitions in the 90's.

"The terrain at home is not so demanding technically, that's why I had some problems with Nordic terrain as a junior" - Daniel explained. He continued with the importance of his decision to run for Scandinavian club, first Turun Suunistajat in Finland, then Kristiansand OK.

"In Switzerland I had very good enviroment already as a junior. All the team members from JWOC 2002 took part in the World Cup last year, we were, and still are a really strong group" - he said. "But first when I won my first JWOC-gold, I realised that I have the possibility to do well also as a senior" - Hubmann continues.

He worked quite a lot during his first years as a senior, but since 2007 he became proffesional athlete. "It was not an easy decision, it's quite risky to quit working and just being athlete" - Daniel said. "But it helped a lot!" - he smiled, and continued "I'm enjoying life much more now. Before it was only working the whole day, then training in the evening. I can even take some lazy days and just have fun".

Hubmann said some good words about the situation in the Swiss national team too : "It's very motivating to be in the team, you have to work hard all the time". The Swiss coach was also mentioned: "Tom Bührer is one really good coach, he is experiensed and wise. That's why the Swiss men are so good!"

Even though he described the WOC long distanse as the most important race during the 2009-season, he took some time to explain how special the Nordic championship was, too: "The medals went to two Swiss men and a French. For the first time in history, no Scandnavian runner was among the medallists!"

"I got everything I wanted" - said Hubmann about his last season. "It's good to be a proffesional athlete when everything goes well!" - he smiled.

Daniel Hubmann got also the prise for "Best KOK-runner" during the annual party in Kristiansand.