Helena Jansson

Helena Jansson - world champion

WOC 2009, Hungary

Helena Jansson's day ended in a clean sweep. Double Sweden on the sprint top.

Talking about Khramov's outclassing, Helena Jansson's performance is even more impressing. The young Swedish girl took her first WOC-gold today, winning with the incredible margin of 41 seconds.

The happy medallists : Gustafsson, Jansson and Niggli. Photo: Jan Kocbach / WorldOfO.com

Linnea Gustafsson took the silver medal, making the whole Swedish orienteering community proud. Gustafsson's major break-through came with her bronze in this year's World Games, and her result today is well deserved.

Simone Niggli took her second bronze in this championship. She finished 5 seconds behind Gustafsson, and just ahead of the Danish Signe Søes.

Kathryn Ewels from Australia took the fifth place, showing that the Aussie girls are still a power in the world class sprint orienteering. Anni-Maija Fincke from Finland and the last year's winner, Anne Margrethe Hausken finished sixth and seventh.

The last starter and medal candidate Minna Kauppi took the 13th spot, finishing with wounds on her legs.


World Orienteering Championship 2009
Miskolc, Hungary
Sprint Distance

1.Helena Jansson (SWE) 15:07.9
2.Linnea Gustafsson (SWE) 15:49.7
3.Simone Niggli (SUI) 15:54.7
4.Signe Soes (DEN) 15:58.4
5.Kathryn Ewels (AUS) 16:01.0
6.Anni-Maija Fincke (FIN) 16:01.5
7.Anne Margrethe Hausken (NOR) 16:04.9
8.Elise Egseth (NOR) 16:07.7
9.Karolina A.Höjsgaard (SWE) 16:10.0
10.Shuangyan Hao (CHN) 16:14.4
10.Brodmann Ines (SUI) 16:14.4



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