Helena Jansson

Helena Jansson - Orienteer of the Year in Sweden

Swedish O-Awards

Helena Jansson outclassed all the Swedish O-stars and won the "Orienteer of the Year" award, for third year in a row! The 24 years old Helena had a fantastic season, with the gold medal from WOC-sprint on the peak.
Jansson ran all the WOC distances, and in addition to the gold medal in sprint, she won also silver in the relay, and finished 6th in the middle and 8th in the long distance. During the Nordic Championship she won the gold both in the middle and the relay. Helena got in the history books, by being the first orienteer to win all the five days in the elite class at O-Ringen.

"It's very nice to win the award! 2009 was one super year" - Jansson says. "But the season was like a rollercoaster, and the feelings during the WOC week went up and down" - she continues. "But that's just part of the sport"

The legends from the past Bertil Norman, Ulla Lindkvist and Annichen Kringstad has also three awards in a row, but nobody has four. Helena is ready for the challenge next year : "The next year will be the best of all!" she says.

Linnea Gustafsson won the "Comet of the year" award, and Gustav Bergman was awarded for "Best Junior".


Source: Press Release, The Swedish Orienteering Federation