Anne Margrethe Hausken

Hausken: - WOC is the most important race

Anne Margrethe Hausken is back! After one month with knee injury, and short stay in the hospital, she is still dreaming for another WOC-gold.

Anne Margrethe Hausken.
Anne Margrethe Hausken - back in business.
Photo: Geir Nilsen / OPN.no.

Anne Margrethe hit her knee one month ago. It got infected, and she got into a hospital for a couple of days, with antibiotics-injections and recovery procedures. Even if she started walking and jogging two weeks after that, the knee wasn’t alright at all, and the doctors needed to use cortisone.

Hausken is running for the Norwegian club Halden SK, and won the sprint distance during the last year's World Championships.

“It was difficult to miss the World Cup at home in June” – says Hausken. “But WOC is the most important, and I will run there” – continues she.

”I missed O-ringen as well, and I really wanted to prepare for WOC there” – explains the Norwegian. Now she considers travelling to Slovakia, and making the last trainings before the World Champs there.

Four weeks before the World Champs in Hungary, she finally wrote the status “Healthy” on her website. “I’m hoping for 30 good days now..” wrote she.

Gold medal dreams
”I’ve been training well in many years, but I probably used some extra time to reveal my potential” – analyses Anne Margrethe. She blames all the injuries and not enough technical training for her late break through.

”I’m training in the traditional Norwegian endurance training style” – explains Hausken – “with a lot of easy long trainings, and not so many hard sessions in the winter”.

“It makes it easy to get the top-shape just in time” – continues the world champion. She explains also that she has experience from different sports (orienteering, track and field, XC skiing, ski-orienteering), and makes variations in her training methods with alternative training.

Constant development
Anne Margrethe has trained more with a map and compass during the past few years. “I’m training on the things I want to get better at” – explains she. In 2008 she ran all her hard sessions with map, except one interval-training before EOC, and three before WOC.

”It’s important to win the race in your head” – says Hausken. She is also cooperating with Olympiatoppen’s specialists for her mental training.

Anne Margrethe Hausken
One of the biggest favourites for this year's WOC.
Photo: Geir Nilsen / OPN.no

Nordberg and Hausken – world’s best O-pair?
“I believe Anders will be fighting for medals under this year’s WOC” – says Hausken with confidence. She is living together with another Norwegian star – Anders Nordberg. “He’s getting better and better each year, and he is brave enough to win” – says she.

”I’m not beating him on trainings... well, if he is playing with me and let me win, so it can happen” – smiles Anne Margrethe.

“For me he is first the funny boy I’m living with, and then one of the best orienteers in the world” – says she. “We are lucky that we can use much of our time doing sports together” – explains the Norwegian. She gives example with other couples, working “ordinary” jobs, that don’t spend so much time together.

The Haugesund-girl has learned a lot from her partner. ”We are backing each other up” – says she.

Hanne Staff was the idol
”I had the opportunity to run together with Hanne for many years” – reveals Hausken. “I am really impressed from the way she performed, and learned a lot from her”.

Hausken is working on her PhD in medicine, and leads the Competitors’ Committee in the Norwegian Olympiatoppen. “Spare time - I don’t have much of it” – says she.

She and Nordberg moved into their new flat this year, and the Norwegian hopes use the sunny veranda when they aren’t out of the city. “I’m also watching Tour De France, and generally sport on TV” – finishes Hausken.


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