Thierry Gueorgiou

Gueorgiou: The mind is the ultimate weapon

The Middle Distance King, Thierry Gueorgiou is up for yet another medal hunt. After being the absolute best in 2007, and taking two golds during the last WOC, Tero is aiming for gold this year as well.

Having 6 gold medals from the last six World Championships makes Thierry Gueorgiou (France) one of the biggest favourites this year as well. He didn’t manage to start the season exactly as he wanted, when he lost the Jukola-victory in the last meters, but he is still leading the current World Cup standings.

Thierry Gueorgiou.
Will Gueorgiou be so happy after this year's WOC? . Photo: WOC2008 - Geir Nilsen / OPN.no

Aiming high
“My number one goal is to bring home at least one gold medal from Hungary” – explains Thierry for Orienteering.is . The Frenchman had this goal during the last 6 World Championships.

The only year he didn’t manage to reach the target was 2006, when Holger Hott (NOR) became the only man who beat Gueorgiou in the middle distance since 2003. “Very frustrating” – comments Thierry.

Tero, as they call him in Finland, finds no limit for future progress. Each morning he wakes up with the same ambition – to become a better orienteer when he’ll go to sleep in the evening. He is popular for his mental preparation, and considers it very important.

“No matter how hard you work, no matter how great your talent is, your mind is the ultimate weapon” – says Gueorgiou, and adds wisely: “Most of the runners use it against themselves!”

Thierry has six gold medals from the past six World Championships. Five of them – on the middle distance. When we ask him about his biggest competitors, he answers with a smile: “I’m not a betting-specialist. I prefer putting money on myself”. But he adds that if he has to choose one name, it will definitely be Daniel Hubmann.

Warning the potential WOC2011-runners
As it was announced some years ago, the World Championships in 2011 will be held in France. Thierry is one of the absolute candidates for the gold in all the distances. He looks forward to an interesting and fair competition on a totally newly mapped area.

“That’s great news!” – Exults the Frenchman – “It’s so boring when today’s elite orienteers can study the old maps before each race”.

Gueorgiou is inviting the top-level athletes to one tough competition. He is guessing the terrains will be very challenging, causing complex navigation and not so fast average speed. A nice plateau over 1250 m over the sea level, with rocky ground… Can Thierry win the gold at home?


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