Gold for Jansson, gold for Sweden!

NOC 2009 / World Cup - event 1, Finland

Sweden won four out of four gold medals today. Helena Jansson outclassed everybody and took the gold!

Grand Slam for Sweden
“I’m so glad!” said Helena Jansson to the event’s speaker straight after crossing the finish line. Helena was unstoppable during the race, and won with 38 seconds ahead of Marianne Andersen (NOR).

It was the fourth gold medal for Sweden today, after outclassing in the junior classes and a fantastic victory for Peter Öberg.

“I tried to be careful, and stopped every time I felt insecure” – said Jansson. She explained her tactics: not thinking about running fast, but concentrating on the orienteering all the way.

Helena made only one small mistake, together with Anne Margrethe Hausken (NOR) and Signe Søes (DEN). She enjoyed the terrain, and described it as difficult, but fast.

Andersen and Kauppi straight behind
Marianne Andersen (NOR) made her own race. Running alone, and taking secure routechoises, she managed to keep her head cool and don’t make any big mistakes.

Her performance was best of all, except Jansson. She took the silver, half a minute ahead of Minna Kauppi.

Kauppi was quite positive after the finish. She explained that her goal is to win two gold medals, and she looks forward for tomorrow’s sprint.

Dambe and Bagstevold among the best
Inga Dambe (LAT) and Heidi Bagstevold (NOR) were today’s surprises. Both made a good performance and ran strong through the whole course.

The experienced Dambe took the 6th place, together with another experienced runner – Vroni König-Salmi (SUI). Bagstevold finished on the 8th spot – 2:37 behind, and ten seconds ahead of Simone Niggli.

The other Swedish hope – Kajsa Nilsson, came to the finish with a very good time. It took some time for the speakers and organizers to get the information: she forgot to run one of the loops in the butterfly.

The butterfly-system used by the organizers in Finland got some very positive words from the athletes. But in today’s competition we saw few big groups running (and making mistakes) together.

The courses were technical and interesting. Here with Simone Niggli's live tracking. Picture: NOC2009

The Nordic Championships impressed with very good live-covering. The GPS tracking worked fine, and the live sound from the arena was also appreciated by all the orienteering enthusiasts, following the race from all over the world.


Nordic Orienteering Championships, Salo, Finland
World Cup – 1st event
Middle Distance 07. June 2009

Unofficial Results, D-21

1   SWE Helena Jansson 36:22    
2   NOR Marianne Andersen 37:00 +38  
3   FIN Minna Kauppi 37:30 +1:08  
4   FIN Merja Rantanen 38:16 +1:54  
5   NOR Anne Margrethe Hausken 38:34 +2:12  
6   LAT Inga Dambe 38:39 +2:17  
    SUI Vroni König-Salmi 38:39 +2:17



Official website (results, pictures, GPS-tracking) : www.NOC2009.fi