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Finland going to win womens relay

Open Nordic Championships - prediction

With Minna Kauppi on the last leg anything can happen, and I think Finland will get a new victory in an important relay.

With Minna Kauppi on the last leg anything can happen…But with Heli Jukkola out of the team they have to fight to stay in the top until the last leg. On home ground they should make it on very short legs, though. Karoliina Sundberg might be on track for a place in the first team after strong races this spring. Tip: Sundberg-Rantanen-Kauppi.

Finland Relay WOC Ukraine 2007
Finnish gold-girls - WOC 2007. Photo: Geir Nilsen / OPN.no.

Can field three teams who can fight for the medals. The challenge for Marita Skogum is to pick the right runners on the right team on the day! Jansson a strong and cool finisher. But can she win a sprint? Tip: Billstam-Nilsson-Jansson.

No doubt about Andersen and Hauskens place in the team. But who will be the third girl? Need to stay in the pack on the first leg and they are in contention. But last year at WOC Hausken started in a great position. Can she keep her head cool this time around? Tip: Fasting-Andersen-Hausken.

Simone Niggli has decided many relays in her career. Now the legs are short, and her shape has been better. And what can her team mates do before her? Looks weaker than the Nordic teams - but don’t ever write off a team with Simone Niggli anchoring. Tip: Wild-Salmi-Niggli.

Czech Republic
Little sister Brozkova also took a medal in WOC 2008. And a short middle distance relay leg will suit her just fine. If we shall get a surprise here - it will come from the Czechs. Tip: R. Brozkova-Jurenikova-D. Brozkova.

Riabkina has not been able to take the last step to the winner spot, and this year her shape is a big question mark. Surely some second and third teams from the Nordic countries will finish ahead of Russia.


Relay women - tip
1. Finland
2. Sweden
3. Switzerland
4. Norway
5. Czech Rep.
6. Russia


Orienteering.is will be back with further expert comments (relay - men) from Jørn Sundby.

Open Nordic Championships - 6.-10. June - Finland, Salo.