Karolina A Höjsgaard aiming for one more WOC

The 38-years old Swedish legend retired from the international orienteering after WOC 2006, and made her comeback in Hungary just few weeks ago. Now she is aiming for yet another World Champs and travels to Trondheim with the Swedish national team tomorrow.

Karolina A Höjsgaard (or Karro, as the Swedes call her) performed well in this year's WOC. She got the 9th place in the sprint race, and came in the lead after the first leg during the relay.

Tomorrow she boards the plane to Trondheim, together with 26 Swedish potential WOC-runners. The Swedish team will train in relevant terrain, and take part in local competitions.

The Swedish legend pushing hard during WOC in Hungary. Photo: Jan Kocbach / WorldOfO

"I got the inspiration during WOC, and now I think it's really cool to run orienteering" - Karro says. "I'm working full time, and I have family to look after, so there are some important things to fix in order to get enough time for preparations" - she continues.

Karolina has seven WOC-medals, two of them are gold medals. After WOC 2006 she ended her career in the national team. Untill 2009.

"The terrain in Trondheim is passing very well for me. There are many marshes and it's hilly" - Höjsgaard explains.

Johansson still using crutches
Orienteering.is got information that Martin Johansson is back in training, and is going to join the Swedish training camp in Norway. The Swedish Federation sent a correction, saying that Marting is still using crutches and isn't travelling with the team.

Johansson can start walking freely in the next two weeks, and training is still not in focus for him.

Martin got a stick in his leg while he was leading the relay on the last leg. Thierry Gueorgiou, Michal Smola and Anders Nordberg stopped immidiately to help him, loosing their chanses for WOC-medals.

Source: Press Release, The Swedish O-Federation

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