Mårten Boström - Fast and Furious

"I could have been a black horse for a medal" - says the Finn, who didn't get selected for WOC. Last year he ran a marathon in 2 h 18 min, and showed his endurance and speed potential.

After moving back from Arizona to Finland, Mårten did mostly orienteering, hoping to find the flow in the forest. “I managed to run a good anchor leg at Jukola” – says he.

“Unfortunately, there aren’t any sprint races in Finland in the summer” – explains Boström. “I only did trainings for Sprint-O, and got 4th and 8th place in our WOC-testraces” – says he, and explains his speed with map and compass was not good enough.

Måre, as his friends call him, spent the last four years in Flagstaff, Arizona. Flagstaff is the Runner’s Eldorado, situated at 2,100 m over the sea level, and with very good running team in the local university.

“It was a great four years of my life” – says Mårten – “there are runners everywhere you look, and great trails all around!”

Måre in action. Picture: Jan Kocbach /

Fast and furious
Mårten’s career as an orienteer is kind of an own story : on his website, he states that he found that he is too fast for doing this sport (and can’t find the controls) quite early. So he took the chance and started with track and field.

Well, the reality is that the one who “can’t find the controls” got two medals from JWOC, and a bronze from the European Champs in 2004. Mårten was also near qualifying for the Beijing Olympics, where he wanted to run the marathon for Finland.

On our question about his development as an orienteer, Boström answers shortly : “I have tried to focus on the big items only, and avoid small details that I wouldn’t have time to see anyway”

Switching from track to forest
“It’s definitely a problem to move from the track to Nordic forest” – explains the Finnish speedster. “There’s no shortcut there, one will get sore and feel tired during the first longer orienteering runs” – states he.

Boström doesn’t think there’s any way to be at your best level in the woods and on the track at the same time. “It’s a tradeoff” – says he.

During the past few years, he concentrated on the running most of the year. Then he made “the focus” : coming back to Europe, running some O-trainings and local events, qualifying for the Finnish O-Team, and being among the best in the world.

“I’m living in Helsinki now” – explains Mårten. His plans for the next years are to do less track running, but more road racing. “Orienteering comes along whenever I’m tired of all the running” – says he.

Mårten ran 6700 km, and worked out a total of 565 hours during the last season. “It was definitely not equally divided over the year” – explains he. “I prefer to rythm my training between clearly easier and tougher periods” – says he. He explains that his weekly amount variates from zero to 200 km / week.

Mårten is not selected to run this year’s WOC. “I could have been a black horse for a medal” – says he. And his running results are saying the same – last week he ran yet another marathon-like competition (42 km divided in five days), and his time was 2h 16 min. God damn fast!

Boström checking his car-equivalent : The Ferarri F1. Picture:


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