CISM 2009 : Hubmann and Novikova won the long distance

Millitary WOC, Estonia

Daniel Hubmann and Julia Novikova won the long distance in the Millitary World Orienteering Championship 2009. The event takes place in Vöru, Estonia.

Hubmann outclassed all the soldiers, and won with almost four minutes ahead of Francois Gonon from France. Matthias Merz took the bronze, just one second ahead of the Estonian Olle Kärner.

Julia Novikova from Russia won the women's class. Sandra Paupaite from Lithuania took the silver, three minutes behind the winner. Riikka Tiimperi from Finland finished third.

Looking at the results, we can find many of the leading orienteers representing also the millitary national teams. The championship continues with middle distance on Friday and a relay on Saturday.


Millitary World Orienteering Championship
16.sep 2009 - Estonia

Long distance, unofficial results

Men (15,1 km)

1   Daniel Hubmann (SUI) 76:19  
2   Francois Gonon (FRA) +3:43  
3   Matthias Merz (SUI) +4:28  
4   Olle Kärner (EST) +4:29  
5   Tero Föhr (FIN) +5:11  
6   Lars Skjeset (NOR) +5:15  

Women (9,1 km)

1   Julia Novikova (RUS) 65:55  
2   Sandra Pauþaite (LTU) +3:20  
3   Riikka Timperi (FIN) +5:22  
4   Merike Vanjuk (EST) +5:26  
5   Ieva Sargautyte (LTU) +5:52  
6   Galina Vinogradova (RUS) +5:56  


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