Buch: Halden is best in Norway

The Danish coach of Halden Skiklubb, Kennet Buch, is confident after a good season for his runners. Read his comment on the past season, the possibilities for the future and the famous stunt after HSK's women won Tiomila.

"I'm happy with the season. We have many runners, both juniors and seniors, that have taken the correct step further" - Buch says. "Our female team won both Tiomila and the Norwegian relay championship, 25-manna and got 4th in Venla" - the proud coach explains.

"The guys didn't ran so well in Tiomila, and we had to take control in the situation afterwards. We have something very good on the way for the next season - Jukola, the Norwegian champs, 25-manna and Smålandskavlen show that we are progressing well" - Buch says. "We got also many medals from the Norwegian and Swedish champs, and I'm happy that we are the best club in Norway" - Kenneth states.

Goal : to win
"Our goal is to win one of the big relays, both with our men and women, win the Norwegian champs again, and get an individual world champion. Another goal is to get at least one first timer at WOC" - the Halden-coach says. "We need to train well and develop further, so the way to the goals is important for us" - he continues. "This year we had many runners that had problems with injrues, so next year we will try to avoid that" - Kenneth says.

"We have both men and womens team that can win Tiomila and Jukola, but we understand that we need to run for the victory first" - Buch says.

The Naked Mile
Kenneth Buch got famous in Norway with his "Naked mile" : he ran naked over the bridge, that connects Halden with Sweden, after the Tiomila-victory of Halden Cool Chicks. "I promised to to that if they win" - he says. On our "What if" question if the women didn't managed to win, he rejects the possibility of seing some naked HSK-girls over the bridge : "If they didn't win, nothing was going to happen. Next year we are aiming for Venla, but the possible consequences are secter" - Buch explains.

The Danish coach was also coaching the Norwegian junior team in many years, and last summer he helped Team New Zealand during WOC. "It's not sure that I'll help some national team next year, but there are some possibilities. New Zealand is actual, they have a good group there" - Kenneth says.

"I like working in Halden. WIth so many tallented and eager runners around, I feel very priviledged" - Buch says. "The possibilities to develop as a coach is unique. If I didn't enjoy working here, I shouldn't been a coach at all". - he continues.

"The terrain around Halden is fantastic, very difficult technically, and not so demanding physically as other places in Norway. That's why I have the possibility to make lots of important technicall trainings, which is a philosophy I believe in" - he says.


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