Advertising 2009

All the readers are only
one click away from your own website!

According to Google Analytics 11.400 absolute unique visitors has visited this website since the release 1. June 2009 and until 24. August 2009.

There has been 29.500 visitors and 51.000 page views during the same period. The most read article has more than 3.500 clicks.

Most of the readers are from Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany and Denmark.

Banner locations

1. Top Left - 200x150 pixler
400 Euro/month.

2. Top Board - 768x150
500 Euro/month. Until five advertisers share this spot. Each time someone visit Orienteering.is or refresh the page by clicking any link (for example "Read more..." or some of the link collections) a new banner will randomly be shown. During a normal session cirka 3 different banners will be published.

3. Button - 120x60
Only 100 Euro/month. Minimum period 3 months.

4. News banner 1 - 468x150
160 Euro/week.

5. News banner 2 - 468x150
120 Euro/week.

6. Banner park - 150x250
160 Euro/month.


Taxes only for Norwegian advertisers
All amounts exclusive 25% VAT for the tax authorities.

2 or more units (week/month) 20% discount.
7 or more units 30% discount.


Graphical design
Only banners without GIF-animations and flash allowed.

Advertisers often make their own banners, but Orienteer.is can help you with this. Normal price per banner is 60,- Euro.


Order and reservations
Contact Geir Nilsen - geir.nilsen@opn.no