10Mila - night without reflection tape?

10mila 2010

"We are considering night controls without reflection tape" - Thomas Persson, one of the coursesetters, writes at 10mila.se. The reason is to counteract the strong headlamps, that invaded the night orienteering in the past years.

"The night-O controls doesn't need reflex tape" - Persson continues. He, together with his helper Björn Axelsson, are responsible for the course setting in the big relay next year.

This is how a night-O control without reflecting tape looks...

Tiomila 2010 will take place in Östergotland during the first weekend of May. Already now you can read the commentaries of the course setters at Tiomila's official website.

"When I plan courses I want them to be aesthetically pleasing, courses that I would love to run myself" - Thomas Persson writes. "I try to utilize the different types of terrain and reach out to all intersting areas provided by the map." - he continues

The big changes, presented by Axelsson and Persson are that the courses for the women will get longer again, after being slightly shortened during the past years, and the "Long Night"-leg in the men's relay will be set earlier than normally.

Bigger difference between the night and day courses is also on the list: "Running in the night it will not be day orienteering with headlamp" - Thomas Persson writes.

There was also a discussion about the map scale, where both the course planners wanted 1:15 000 during most of the race. In the end, 1:10 000 maps were selected. "However it will be a really big piece of map for longer legs" - Persson explains.


Read the whole interview with the course-planners at 10mila.se/2010

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