Time-out for Orienteering.is

Last spring Danailov Freelance and Nilsen Support decided to go for a test-project from June to the end of the year. Our conclusion are that we at the moment do not have capacity to go on with this website.

WOC 2010 – Øystein Kristiansen’s tips

Øystein Kristiansen has two WOC-golds and a bronze medal behind him, and comes from Steinkjer (place in Trøndelag, 120 km north from Trøndheim). He has the needed experience in both World Championships, and the typical “Trønder-marshes”.

IOF's World Ranking 2009

Hubmann and Niggli will enter the new year as nr.1 in the world. Switzerland's men and Sweden's women ended the year on the top of the Federations League.

The Balkan heroes

There are two orienteers, which have something in common: they both come from the Balkans, and both of them are world class orienteers. Ionut Zinka from Romania and Kiril Nikolov from Bulgaria. Kiril finished 6th in this year’s WOC sprint, and Ionut got the 8th place in the middle distance, showing the world that the Balkans are developing in the right direction.
Orienteering.is made a cross-interview with those two guys, discussing their way of living, their ambitions and careers.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, dear friends!

Flag Norway

Petter Thoresen’s tips

During the Camp Norway, the Norwegian national team coach Petter Thoresen shared his ideas in a short seminar. The experienced legend from the past has many good tips and tricks. With Jarkko Huovila, Baptiste Rollier, Kajsa Nilsson and the whole Norwegian senior and junior team among the audience, Petter's presentation was an interesting finish of a hard training day.

Jörgen Mårtensson criticizes IOF

“WOC should be organised every second year” – says the 50 years old legend. “IOF is mafia, just like many other sport organisations. The people there are more interested in defending their places there.” – The Swede criticizes further.

Eva Jurenikova - O-Coach of the Year in Sweden

Skogsportens Gynnare

The Swedish organisation "Skogsportens Gynnare" rewarded many Swedish talents and clubs with totaly 20 000 euro. The Czech O-star Jurenikova, who also works as a coach in IFK Mora, received the "Coach of the Year" award.

Reflex-free Tiomila = Bad Idea?

Tiomila 2010

One month ago, Orienteering.is discussed the possibility for reflex-free controls during next year's Tiomila. The discussion got spread in the orienteering community, and many interesting positions were stated. The Norwegian club Ås UMB even tested the possibility in a local night-O competition.
Helena Jansson

Helena Jansson - Orienteer of the Year in Sweden

Swedish O-Awards

Helena Jansson outclassed all the Swedish O-stars and won the "Orienteer of the Year" award, for third year in a row! The 24 years old Helena had a fantastic season, with the gold medal from WOC-sprint on the peak.

Niggli and Hubmann won the Achievement of the year

The Swiss O-stars Simone Niggli and Daniel Hubmann won "The Orienteering Achievement of 2009"-contest. The organising websites WorldOfO and Ultimate Orienteering announsed the winners earlier today.
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Camp Norway – The Pursuit

Camp Norway, Halden

The last session in Camp Norway – chase start with many good runners, was just as expected – hard fight from the beginning to the end. Olav Lundanes and the Swedish sprint-star Kajsa Nilsson won their classes clearly.

SAR-action at Camp Norway

Camp Norway, Halden

19-years old Scottish girl went out for a night training yesterday, but got lost and ran out of battery. She spent five hours in the forest, waiting for the Search and resque-teams. The whole Camp Norway was involved in the searching, and in the end, they found her in good condition.
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Camp Norway


Camp Norway is the new project of the Norwegian Orienteering Federation. Camp Norway aims to establish three annual training camps with high quality sessions. The camp is open for juniors and seniors and also national teams.

The Orienteering Achievement of 2009

After some national "Best orienteer"-awards, it's time to chose the best orienteering achievement of the last year. Who did the run of the year? Who will receive the last prestigious prize, just a couple of weeks before the new year comes? You can decide, but keep in mind that you have only three more days to vote!
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Kristiansand's answer: We are best in the world

Halden Skiklubb's coach Kennet Buch said yesterday that the club is best in Norway. Kristiansand's answer came shortly after.

Buch: Halden is best in Norway

The Danish coach of Halden Skiklubb, Kennet Buch, is confident after a good season for his runners. Read his comment on the past season, the possibilities for the future and the famous stunt after HSK's women won Tiomila.

Another O-star among Sweden's coaches

The main Swedish coach, the star from the past Marita Skogum, gets another helping hand : the World Cup '92 winner Joakim Ingelsson joins the Swedish coaching team.
Daniel Hubmann

Hubmann tells his story

Daniel Hubmann used the weekend to take the trip up to Norway, where his club, Kristiansand OK, had their annual club party. In addition to some quality trainings with his teammates, Daniel had a presentation in front of club members and others. Check the highlights.

The future is here

Running with your mobile in your hand, seeing the map and even exact GPS-positioning on the screen - who thought about such futuristic things just a couple of years ago? Now it's all reallity. But what will be the next step?

How do you prepare mentally?

We asked three of the best orienteers in the world: Daniel Hubmann, Anne Margrethe Hausken and Olav Lundanes.

The Swiss O-Gala, as in Holliwood

The annual Swiss O-Gala was arranged just as the Oscar awards. Instead of calling the prize "Best orienteer", they gave the Golden control for best actor. Daniel Hubmann and Simone Niggli won, of course.

10Mila - night without reflection tape?

10mila 2010

"We are considering night controls without reflection tape" - Thomas Persson, one of the coursesetters, writes at 10mila.se. The reason is to counteract the strong headlamps, that invaded the night orienteering in the past years.

M.Andersen - Orienteer of the year in Norway

The Norwegian O-Galla

During the Norwegian O-Galla last weekend, Marianne Andersen received the "Orienteer of the Year"-award. All the jury-members agreed that Marianne is the one who deserves the prize most.
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Team Finland 2010 selected

Yet another national team got selected. The Finnish coaches Janne Salmi and Juha Taini selected 7 runners in their A-team, and three in the B-team.